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    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for food is getting higher and higher. On the premise of a good taste of food, it was  hoped to have functions for human health. Sweet taste is popular among all flavors and can bring people spiritual pleasure. Traditional sweeteners such as sucrose and glucose can bring pleasant taste to people, but excessive consumption can cause damage to people's body, such as obesity, diabetes and so on. In this case, functional sugar has suddenly become a substitute for traditional sweeteners. Shandong Futian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as a functional sugar production base, mainly produces xylitol, erythritol, L-arabinose, maltitol, xylose etc.The products are being sold at home and abroad, well received by customers.

    Functional sugars have the functions of low calorie, non-stimulating insulin secretion, preventing obesity, promoting intestinal health, anti-caries, promoting calcium absorption and so on. They are called sugar substitutes. Some functional sugar alcohols have been approved as safe food additives by International Food and Health Organization. Functional sugar alcohol as a natural "low calorie" sweetener, is very suitable for weight loss, diabetes, beauty and people with health awareness.

    Functional sugar can improve sweetness, taste and appetite. Each functional sugar has its own characteristics , special sweetness and flavor. Based on the public demand for health, nutrition and taste, Functional sugar instead of traditional ingredients in healthy food has become an irreversible trend.

    Based on the different physicochemical properties of various sugars, they can be selectively applied to different foods. For example, maltitol has the function of adsorbing aroma. when working with other volatile flavor compounds, it can adsorb and retain volatile odor.

    In the candy industry, xylitol can be added to candy as a good sweetener without causing caries, also as a filling agent to improve the solid content. Erythritol with high dissolution heat, so it can be made into cool candy. The characteristics of easy to crystallize but not moisture absorption, Erythritol can storage various candies avoiding wet. The problem of chocolate frosting caused by high hygroscopicity of most functional sweeteners in chocolate making was solved.

    Sugar alcohols used in baked products can improve baking stability, extend shelf life and improve taste. Kraft Food added erythritol to his Oreo products, which can reduce calories and also give biscuits a cool taste. It is favored by consumers. The application of Maltitol, isomaltitol, glucose, xylitol and xylitol in baking food can make the dough soft, produce evenly, good taste, moderate sweetness and good effect of coloring.

    In ice cream, the addition of erythritol, isomaltose oligosaccharide and maltitol not only realized the original intention of sugar-free ice cream, but also made ice cream with more delicate texture and more attractive taste. For beverages, some functional sugars can improve the sweetness, mellow taste and smoothness, while erythritol can reduce the bitterness and hide the odor. In view of the inhibiting effect of L-arabinose on sucrose uptake, healthy sugars introduced in Japan consist of 97% sucrose and 3% L-arabinose, which are sold on supermarket shelves as substitutes for traditional sucrose for housewives to use in kitchens.

    In a word, the application value of functional sugar products is gradually recognized by people, and functional sugar is used more and more in the production and processing of various foods.

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