Name: Erythritol

Molecular formula: C4H10O4

Molecular weight: 122.12

Melting point: 118-120℃

Boiling point: 329-331℃

Sweetness: 65% to 80% of sucrose.

Solubility: Soluble in water (37%, 25℃) , Low calorie, about one tenth of the calorific value of sucrose, cool feeling.

Character: white crystal

The sweetness of Erythritol is very similar to sucrose. Erythritol is widely distributed in nature, for example, in lichens, hemp plants, mushrooms, melons, grapes, animals and fermented fruit wine, beer, soy sauce. Erythritol is often detected in human and animal tissues and body fluids (lens, cerebrospinal cord, serum, semen and urine).

  • Functional characteristics
  • Application area

1.Low calorific value, which is only 0.2 kcal/g ~ 0.4 kcal/g, only 10% of sucrose energy.

2.The metabolism is unique, causing non fluctuations in plasma glucose and insulin. Both erythritol glycemic index and insulin index are 0.2, so erythritol has almost no effect on blood sugar.

3. Erythritol has excellent sweetness characteristic, which is very close to the sweetness characteristic of sucrose.

4.Non moisture absorbtion, even in 90% of the air humidity。Under the environment 20℃, 90% of the humidity for 5 days, its weight increased less than 2%.

5. The heat of dissolution is 96.86 kJ/kg which is -three times that of glucose. When 10g erythritol is dissolved in 90g water, the temperature drops by about 4.5 degrees with cool taste.

6. High dose tolerance, erythritol tolerance is 2-3 times more than xylitol, lactosol, maltitol and isomaltitol and 3-4 times more than sorbitol and mannitol, the maximum dose tolerance of normal organisms 50g/d.

7.Anti caries: can’t be used by Streptococcus mutans.

8. Antioxidant:Erythritol is very stable to heat and acid, almost non browning or decomposition under normal processing conditions.

1. Cool drinks, beauty drinks, health drinks for calorie control and special drinks for diabetics and patients with cardiovascular diseases

2. When combined with other sweeteners, the bitterness of High intensity sweeteners can be inhibited, and the taste is similar to sucrose.

3. Powder drinks can inhibit the bitter taste of coffee and black tea, reduce calories, and hygroscopicity is low which can prolong the shelf life of these drinks.

4. Cover and improve the unpleasant taste of vegetable juice, vitamins and main extracts added to nutritious drinks.

5. In alcoholic beverages, erythritol can promote ethanol hydration at a lower concentration, and thus alleviate the stimulation of ethanol.

6. As a low-calorie sweetener, erythitol has been widely used in chocolate, chewing gum, candy, cakes, jelly, yogurt, various dairy products, sugar-free milk powder and special food for diabetics.

Applications in medicine and health products

1. Medical and health products buccal tablets, chewable tablets: processing characteristics of erythritol are good, It’s easy to form tablets; In the processing, you can use direct tablets or pelleting tablets. Erythritol has the characteristics of no moisture absorption, cool taste and anti-caries. It can not only relieve the pressure of packaging and take different packaging forms according to market needs, but also bring pleasant taste and healthy functional characteristics to the product. At the same time, it can restrain and improve dental caries.

2. Effervescent tablets: Effervescent tablets with erythritol as effervescent ingredient and based on the excellent efficacy of erythritol were prepared with good sensory, bioavailability, preservation, convenient use. Effervescent tablets can be developed in the form of ordinary food, health care products or medicines; They can also be made into effervescent tablets, effervescent granules, dry-eating tablets; Erythritol has excellent compressibility, fluidity, sweetener, instant solubility, stability, so no sweeteners and fillers. The effervescent tablets have high content of active ingredients, good taste, good instant solubility, high clarity of solution and low hygroscopicity. Erythritol can absorb heat when it is dissolved in water, and has a pleasant cool taste.

3. Coated products: Erythritol as raw material, coated with ordinary food, health products,drugs.The coated products have characteristics such as palatable, low calorie, non-moisture absorption, extend the shelf life of products, easy storage and so on.

4. Covered products: Erythritol is used for some moisture absorbing coated foods, health products, and medicines. It can not only prevent moisture but also extend the shelf life of products.


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