Name: Maltitol

Molecular formula: C12H24O11

Molecular weight: 344.21

Heat: 2kcal/g

Melting point: 149 ° C - 152 ° C

Boiling point: 788.5 ° C

Solubility: Soluble in water, insoluble in methanol and ethanol

Acidity and alkalinity: acid resistance

Properties: white crystalline powder or colorless transparent neutral viscous liquid

Maltitol is a new type of functional sweetener. It has been widely used in food industry because of its low calorie, non-carious, difficult to digest, calcium absorption and other physiological characteristics, and has attracted widespread attention.

Maltitol is a kind of crystal powder or colorless liquid obtained from high quality corn starch by enzymatic liquefaction, saccharification, hydrogenation and refining. Crystalline Maltitol obtained by hydrogenation has the same chemical structure as natural Maltitol , which can be called natural safe functional food ingredients.

  • Functional characteristics
  • Application area

1. Maltitol is easily soluble in water.

2. Maltitol will not produce Maillard reaction.

3. Maltitol has mild sweetness, with no irritation and Sour taste etc.

4. Maltitol is not easy to be used by mould, yeast and lactobacillus, so it can prevent dental caries.

5. Maltitol is difficult to be digested and metabolize in animals. It is a good low-energy sweetener.

6. When Maltitol absorbed in human body, it will cause no blood sugar rise and stimulate insulin secretion.

7. Maltitol has better qualities of emulsion stability , so it and can be used as a fat substitute to produce low-calorie food with the same taste as fat.

8. Maltitol has remarkable hygroscopicity, which can be used as a moisturizer for various foods or prevention of crystal of sucrose.

9. The function of maltitol in diet is not only low calorie, but also can inhibit fat storage in human body when eating with high-fat food.

Maltitol, as safe food ingredient, has been used in various kinds of human and animal products. The World Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization and Food Additives Professional Committee have approved its safety and no restriction on daily usage.

1. Application in functional foods

Almost, Maltiltol will not be decomposed in human body, so it can be used as food material for diabetics and obese patients.

2. Used in candy and chocolate production

Maltitol has excellent characteristicssuch as unique flavor, good taste, moisture retention and non-crystallinity. So it can be used to make a variety of candies, including foamed marshmallow, hard candy, transparent soft candy and so on.

3. Application in fruit juice drinks

Maltitol has a certain degree of viscosity, and difficult to be fermented. So in the manufacture of suspended fruit juice beverage or lactic acid beverage, maltitol used as additives can partially replace granulated sugarr, which can make the beverage with a full mouth feel and smooth taste.


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