Name: Xylitol

Molecular formula: C5H12O5

Melting point: 92 C -96 C Boiling point: 216 C

Sweetness: equivalent to sucrose

Character: white crystal or crystalline powder.

Acidity and alkalinity: 10% aqueous solution , pH 5.0 ~ 7

Solubility: extremely soluble in water (160g/100ml), slightly soluble in ethanol,

Heat: 2.4kcal/g, absorbing heat when dissolved in wate, so in the form of solid food will produce a pleasant cool feeling in mouth.

Xylitol was first discovered in natural plants in 1943. Xylitol is widely found in many plants, such as strawberry, plum, pear, birch, corncob, bagasse etc. But the content is low about 0.014%-0.9%. In human blood, the xylitol content is 0.03-0.06mg/100mg, even if no exogenous xylitol is taken. Internationally, many countries in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have approved xylitol as a safe food additive. At home and abroad, the production methods of commercial xylitol all use plant raw materials containing xylan, such as corn cob, bagasse, birch, etc. The crystalline xylitol obtained by hydrolysis and hydrogenation has the same chemical structure and natural existence. It was called natural and safe functional food ingredients.

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