Pharmaceutical and health care

  • Pharmaceutical and health care

    With social progress and people's living standards improve,“Three high and one super” and sub-health population increased significantly,Demand for related foods and health products based on functional sugars will also increase dramatically.The development requirements of the international pharmaceutical industry are “safe, efficient, convenient, bio-based, and formulation”.A new generation of functional health products represented by xylitol came into being,With the application of biotechnology,Various functional sugar production costs are reduced,The application of functional sugar in medicine and health care products will become more and more extensive,Providing a material basis for promoting drug development and improving human health .

    Functional sugar is characterized by its stable structure, good heat resistance, no calories, and sweetness similar to sucrose,Can be used as a pharmaceutical excipient and filler,For example, it is used in different dosage forms such as cough syrup and tablets.In addition to significantly reducing glucose tolerance, L-arabinose can effectively regulate blood sugar levels in human body. Long-term use can inhibit weight gain, and can also be used as an agent for the synthesis of antiviral drugs;Maltitol has a significant inhibitory effect on the steatosis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease with a high-fat diet;Xylitol has the effects of preventing dental caries and relieving osteoporosis. It can also be used as a nutritional supplement and adjuvant therapy for diabetics. Whether it is used as a food additive or a drug adjuvant, there are few articles reporting that it has intolerance ;Erythritol can be used as a flavoring agent for solid preparations and an excipient for tablets. It can be used as a coating, tableting auxiliary, powder, granule, capsule, etc., which not only effectively improves the taste of solid preparations, but also during swallowing. In the mouth, pharynx and esophagus, most of them are absorbed by the biofilm, and also have the characteristics of protecting the gastric mucosa, fast onset, and high bioavailability.

    Research institutions and manufacturers strive to develop new application channels for functional sugar. Functional sugar will be an important raw material for the development of various medicines and health care products, and provide a material basis for promoting drug development and improving human health. In the future of medicine and health care, the application prospect of functional sugar will be more extensive.

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