• The company has always taken science and technology innovation as the main body, and has achieved fruitful results in some major fields through technological breakthroughs and technological innovations. It has undertaken more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial projects, including 12 national-level projects, such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He also undertook the National 863 Program “Bio-Recycling Technology for Chemical Polyols Based on Biomass Renewable Resources”; with the China Food Fermentation Research Institute and other 863 projects “Development of Sugar Alcohols and Functional Sugar Alcohols”; Jiangnan University and other countries have undertaken research and demonstration of pollutant emission reduction and high-value utilization of waste in the fermentation industry of the National “Twelfth Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Program.

  • In recent years, the company has completed more than 100 scientific and technological achievements, and has led the development of xylose (GB/T 23532-2009), xylitol (GB 13509-2005), maltitol and maltitol liquid (GB 28307-2012), L-Arabic Four national and industry standards such as sugar (QB/T 4321-2012).

    A total of 158 patent applications were filed, including 101 invention patents; 95 patents were granted, including 44 invention patents.

    It has obtained 4 national key new products, which are FCC E967 xylitol, eutectic xylitol, high-purity crystalline fructose and high-purity crystalline L-arabinose.

    Received more than 20 provincial and ministerial awards, such as the preparation of crystalline fructose by sequential simulated moving bed technology, the preparation of L-arabinose by chromatographic separation, and the development of L-ribose, which won the third prize of Shandong Science and Technology Progress. The extraction of phytosterol from the mother liquor obtained the third prize of the technical invention of Shandong Province, the method of preparing crystalline maltitol from the use of maltose with a purity of 45%-50%, and the preparation method of a crystalline xylitol powder obtained the patent of Shandong Province. The award-winning technology for the preparation of low-molecular polyols by pentitol cracking has won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China National Light Industry Association. The research and development of new technologies for the production and comprehensive utilization of food additives--the preparation of D-ribose by the isomerization of xylose mother liquor The second prize of Science and Technology of China Food Industry Association, the pilot production of plant fiber waste residue bio-refining fuel ethanol won the second prize of Shandong Province's outstanding achievements in technological innovation.

    Futaste Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Chinese patented Shandong star enterprise with a number of core technology independent intellectual property rights. The company's research results actively declare patents and establish a sound intellectual property protection system. The “Measures for the Implementation of Patent Management of Futaste Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” was formulated, and the person in charge was responsible for patent management.


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