Maltose syrup

Name:Maltose syrup

Sweetness:30%-40% of Sucrose


The temperature of sugar off:≥150℃

Character:Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid

The content of Maltose:≥75%

Taste mild,sweet taste mellow,agreeable sweetness,lightly sweetened.

  • Functional characteristics
  • Application area

lightly sweetness

In Futaste maltose syrup,the content of maltose can reach up to 75%. Its sweetness is only 30-40% of sucrose. It has mild sweetness and special fragrance. It is suitable for producing biscuits, cakes, bean paste, candy and donkey-hide gelatin etc with low sweetness.

Emulsion stability

In cake processing, the Futaste maltose syrup can strengthen the bubble tissue, so that the egg with a certain degree of viscosity which maintain the stability of the bubble, which is conducive to the production of cake with high softness.

High boiling sugar temperature

The boiling temperature of Futaste maltose syrup is above 150℃. The flour with addition of maltose can tolerate the baking temperature above 250℃. There will be no inner immature phenomenon of skin coking browning. The baking time is greatly shortened, and the internal pores of the product after cooling are uniform, crisp, non-chipping and non-sticking.


The solubility and permeability of maltose affect the appearance and quality guarantee period of preserved fruit and other product. Maltose binds to starch more easily and strongly than sucrose. The preserved fruit using high maltose syrup is glittering and translucent, full pulp and agreeable sweetness.

Ageing resistance

The disaccharide of maltose permeable into starch and that can delay starch’s ageing. During the processing of pastries and fillings, it can maintain soft internal structure and play a role in preservation.

Anticorrosion and ant oxygenic property

The maltose has antimicrobial activity and antioxidant activity, which can inhibit the growth and development of microorganisms. It can reduce the corruption caused by microorganism; reduce the oxidation of air in products. Therefore,It effectively avoid the crumb of products, make cakes remain soft for a long time, and prolong the shelf life of cakes.

Anti hydration and moisture retention

Because of its anti-hydration effect, the Fuatste maltose syrup makes the gluten in the dough swelling well, which is convenient to operate and prevents the product from shrinkage and deformation. With high hygroscopicity and moisture retention,the cake skin is soft and elastic, without layered slag.

Nutritional properties

The Futaste maltose syrup is rich in maltose and maltooligosacchatide, which is excellent substrate for anaerobic fermentation of yeast. The addition of maltose helps yeast to grow and propagate, improve fermentation capacity and increase aeration rate.

Special filling syrup

Application characteristics

√Fast absorption, strong permeability, shorten the filling time, improve the filling speed;

√Lightly sweetness, natural material, a third of sucrose sweetness;

√Strong antibacterial ability and oxidation resistance;

√Bright beautiful appearance, keep the original color;

√Strong anti-aging effect, sand feeling fine, and keep the original flavor.

Recommended dosage: 50% to 70% of the total sugar

Special preserved fruit

Product category: date, pear, peach, etc

Application characteristics

√Strong permeability, shining brilliantly appearance, fresh, soft and tender;

√Lightly sweetness, sour and sweet tasty;

√Keep the original fruit flavor;

Recommended dosage: 50% to 70% of the total sugar

Special nougat series

Product category: nougat, nougat caramel treats, nougat biscuits, snow cake, etc

Application characteristics

√Lightly sweetness, fully foil milk fragrance;

√Better protect oil water retention, winter is not too hard, summer is not too soft;

√Instead of sucrose, optimize the mouth feel;

√Prevent moisture migration, slow down hardening time of snow cake and other products.

Recommended dosage:

Total or partly instead sugar;

Or 30% to 50% of the total sugar

Special baking syrup

Application characteristics

√Lightly sweetness, fully foil eggs smell;

√Organization is exquisite, taste good;

√Resistant to bake, bright color;

√Keep moisture; delay the ageing of the starch;

√Maintain the stability of the bubble; the space structure is more stable.

Recommended dosage: 30% and 50% of the total sugar

Universal syrup

Application characteristics

√Lightly sweet, keep flavor of raw materials;

√Malt flavor, taste good;

√Cook for resistance, better product color, texture clear;

√Not sticky, convenient operation.


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