English name:Sorbitol、D-Glucitol、Sorbol、D-Sorbitol

Molecular formula:C6H14O6

Molecular weight:182.17

Character:D-sorbitol is colorless needle crystal, or white crystal powder, odorless, cool and sweet, sweetness is about 50%-70% of sucrose, soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents, it is acid resistant, good heat resistance, and amino acid, protein and so on are not easy to react with Maillard.D-sorbitol liquid is a colorless, transparent thick liquid.Depending on the crystallization conditions, the melting point varies from 88 to 102 ° C, and the relative density is about 1.49.The sorbitol liquid is a clear, colorless syrupy liquid with a sweet taste, neutral to litmus, and miscible with water, glycerin and propylene glycol.

  • Functional characteristics
  • Application area

1.Vitamin C can be prepared by fermentation and chemical synthesis of sorbitol.

2.It can be used as a raw material for industrial surfactants, and it can be used to produce Surfactant and Tween surfactants.

3.Sorbitol has moisturizing properties and can be used in the production of toothpaste, cigarettes and cosmetics instead of glycerin.Using sorbitol and propylene oxide as raw materials, it is possible to produce polyurethane rigid foam with certain flame retardant properties.

4.In the pharmaceutical industry, sorbitan esters produced by nitration of sorbitol are drugs for the treatment of coronary heart disease.Food additives, cosmetic raw materials, organic synthetic raw materials, moisturizers, solvents, etc.;

5.Nutritional sweeteners, humectants, chelating agents and stabilizers:Sorbitol is a special sweetener with a moisturizing function.It is not converted into glucose in the human body and is not controlled by insulin. It is suitable for diabetics.It can be used for pastry, the maximum usage is 5.0g/kg; the maximum use amount is 0.5g/kg in surimi and its products.It can also be used as a defoaming agent for the sugar making process, the brewing process and the bean product process, and is used in an appropriate amount according to the production needs.It can also be used for raisin moisturizing, thickening and aroma of alcoholic and refreshing beverages, as well as sweets and chewing gum;

6.Synthetic resin and plastic, separation and analysis of low boiling oxygen compounds.Also used as a gas chromatographic fixative, thickener, hardener, insecticide, etc.;

7.Used as a gas chromatographic fixative:For separation analysis of low boiling oxygenates, amines, nitrogen or oxygen heterocycles, also for organic synthesis;

8.Used as a moisturizer for toothpaste, cosmetics, and tobacco:Sorbitol is a substitute for glycerin, which has a milder moisture retention and a better taste. Can be used in combination with other moisturizers to achieve synergistic effects;

9.Diuretic dehydrating agent:For the treatment of cerebral edema and increased intracranial pressure, the treatment of glaucoma increased intraocular pressure, but also for edema and oliguria of normal heart and kidney function;

10.Aquatic water retention agent:The ratio of sucrose 2.1%+sorbitol 3.15%+complex phosphate 1.00% can effectively reduce the water activity of dried fish fillets and increase the activity of Ca-ATPase.


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