Specail sugar for Daily chemicals

Specail sugar for Daily chemicals

Daily chemicals are commonly used consumer products, and almost daily used in healthy skin, and with the increase of people's income, the concern for beauty is also rising. Functional daily chemicals such as moisturizing cosmetics, sunscreen cosmetics, antioxidant free-based cosmetics, oxidizing cosmetics, immune cosmetics, whitening and shining skin etc, have a broad market. Daily chemical sugar is a kind of functional sugar which can absorb moisture, moisturize and protect the skin cell membrane structure from damage. It combines with common daily chemical excipients to make the skin delicate, smooth and permeable, and achieve good moisturizing and hydrating effect.

Product characteristics: white crystal or crystalline powder, easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol.

  • Functional characteristics
  • Application area

1. Good effct of moisture absorption, moisturizing; The product formula is stable and safe.

2. Safety and environmental protection, have no potential impact on human health, and no side effects.

3. Non irritation of human skin, cool, slippery, good stability.

1. Cleansing, health cosmetics: such as cleansing milk, cleansing foam, mask, air freshener and so on.

2. Skin care cosmetics: such as snow cream, crack-proof oil, whitening cream, hand cream, moisturizing and balancing fluid, softening water, etc.

3. Beauty cosmetics: such as rouge, lipstick, nail polish and so on.

4. Cosmetics for oral hygiene: toothpaste, toothpowder, gargle and so on.


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